From ‘Male’ to Female – Birth Certificate Gender Correction

Last year my then boyfriend, proposed marriage to me… As I gather all the  requirements for marriage license.

I stumbled upon my birth certificate and to my shock.. I saw that it was marked MALE!!!

I hurriedly googled what to do. It was December then and thankfully,  our company gives us almost two weeks vacation during that month. So i grab the chance to finish the correction.

Luckily, few years ago there is this RA 10172 that makes it ‘easier’ and ‘cheaper’ for people like me who needs to correct errors in birth certificate. There’s no need for court order anymore. Just need to complete the requirements and submit to your Local Civil Registry (wherever your birth certificate was registered)

Here are the requirements (LCR – Manila)


Let me explain further

1. Local Civil Registry copy of birth certificate , and also a photocopy  cost in manila city hall Php 50.00


2. Latest NSO copy of birth certificate and a photocopy – i requested mine in SM business center paid Php 160.00 for 1 copy and waited 1 week .

3. School records – grade school record is best i heard, form 137, got mine for free, just make sure to have the copy with school’s DRY SEAL! This was not told, but the moment you submit it they will require it, so it caused me another day of delay.

4. Hospital record where your mother gave birth to you – the hospital where my mom gave birth is closed already. So the LCR asked me to go to nearest barangay hall where the hospital is located and get certificate! And get an affidavit


5.medical certificate – the doctor from civil registry will just check on you. You need to pay i think php 200.00 with receipt

6. Photo of yourself whole body- colored

Pelvic Ultrasound – got mine from healthmed as they can issue result fast. You may go to other clinic though. image

7. Baptismal – 30.00


8. Certificate of Employment- requested it from our office

9. NBI – got mine from taft since it’s near from manila cityhall one lrt ride. Too bad mine has a HIT.. So need to go back after two weeks. Please note that the envelope there is Php5.00.. Not sure if we are oblige to buy from them.

10. Police clearance


upon completion, please double check your requirements first. Then proceed to pre-interview. Please allot one whole day to this, as this is quite loooong.. In this process they will check all your documents, good for you if you have it completely.. Most got rejected here as they did not comply everything. Make sure not to make Palusot, thinking they will allow you kahit kulang ng 1 document.

after pre-interview, they will give you list of newspaper where you will publish the petition for two consecutive weeks (one day a week)

i chose the cheapest newspaper Hataw. Php 1,220



After 2 weeks got the affidavit and the copy of the newspapers that were published together with the other requirements, you will be then asked to pay fees



Then waited 4 months then went back to LCR they gave me certificate of finality and told me to wait for a week so that i could Request from NSO  the corrected birth certificate ..


The long wait is overrrrrr…. True to their words got it 🙂


-make sure to prepare the original and one photocopy of each documents,

-make sure to complete all the requirements before submission to avoid delays..

– prepare whichever you think needs time like NSO copy, NBI (give allowance time, as sometimes names got HIT just like mine)

– try to be there as early as you can

– bring snacks and water

– you need PATIENCE

**note: prices may vary depends sa location and establishments

***requirements also may be different from your LCR



next blog would be the wedding preparations and our suppliers 😍😍😍


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