Getting Student License

Yesterday, as I have free time, since I filed a leave from work, after attending the seminar from CFO (details on seminar and requirements will be posted soon on a different blog)

I decided it’s about time i should learn how to drive, so first thing first, went to LTO Tayuman, and requested for a form to get a student license.

The man from the counter asked for my NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate, he checked it and handed me the form to fill up.

After filling it up. He asked for my ‘medical’ the guard told me there’s this ELK Shop across the LTO. When i get there, was told to write my name and age, and told me to enter a small room. Where i was told to step on a weighing scale and lean on the wall where i saw there was a markings. The woman ask me to cover my left eye and look at the chart and read line 8 ( in which i couldn’t read it) she then asked me to read the line 5). same with the right eye line 5 again, she was scribbling to that long paper and asked me to pay for Php 200.00 (forgot to take a picture of that paper and receipt)  After paying, tried reading the Long Paper and it says FIT TO DRIVE!!! Eye Vision 20/40 for both eyes in which i laughed. She didn’t noticed or even asked me if am wearing a contact lens. Didn’t know that ‘medical’ exam means checking your weight and height and asking you to read the chart.

Hence, i hurriedly went back to LTO and submitted it. Was told to go to a center counter for Photosig, where was taken a picture and was asked to electronically sign, then went to counter 11 to pay for Php 318.00


After payment was told to wait for my name to be called for claiming the ‘License’, then not too long my name was called and VOILA!! this is what they handed me!!! the so-called receipt also serves as Student License!!




Was expecting a different kind of license than that. They said they have no stocks of the card.

Waiting and the process was not too long, didn’t get bored though a lot were there to perhaps get student license / get new license / or re-new. Indeed, it was quite faster than i thought.

I still have time to look for driving school, across the LTO there was this signage says “express driving” so might as well check it. Please check my next blog 😉










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