Snowy Flowers.. Such a lovely one

i love flowers and plants.. I grew up with my maternal grandmother whose daily routine is to check and water her plants, fruits and trees and let them grow with love.

My husband to be then and I had a hard time thinking and choosing on what to give to our female principal sponsors.

I wanted a unique one, and that is also somewhat has a soft-spot on me.

then i saw the snowy flowers.. To give you all an idea.

“Snowy Flowers are real. It is a type of chrysanthemum and it is imported from Malaysia

Snowy Flowers are being processed under frosting technology in order to lock the moisture within the flowers

Snowy Flower will not grow longer or grow more. Snowy Flower has been frozen as it will not further grow.”

the flowers will close when it is being sprayed and will bloom again once dry.. It requires minimal care, it only needs to be sprayed once a week. Please don’t cover when it’s wet.

we ordered bulk to save and to make them personalized we looked for terrariums and fishbowls..

for our female principal sponsors here in Manila. We opted for small fishbowls (see pic below)



while for relatives abroad, we chose a tear-drop terrarium type which we purchased in amazon.



For mom and grandma bigger fishbowls so it would be easier for them to spray ^_^  (triple the size of fish bowls for sponsors)

And ofcourse 🙂 for my hubby and me I opted for bigger terrarium, unique one  wonderbubble ^_^ which we bought from amazon also.

How do you find it? ☺️☺️☺️


Till next time 😊😊😊


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