Wedding License Requirements

As a fiancée of an American Citizen our requirements slightly different from others. As American citizen have a very few requirements.


We got the help from Judge Ester Villarin #02-875-3198; 0908-100-0939;

0918-2504282;  her office is in Las Piñas.


We were told to prepare the following


NSO Birth Certificate – which i got mine in SM outlet and paid Php 160 pesos (140 for the BC and 20 for processing fee) ; you will be asked to fill up form Name, Birthdate, Birthplace, Address, Father’s Name, Mother’s Maiden Name, and if you know the local civil registry no. of your birth cert. will help them trace it faster (it is located at upper right of our birth cert, just incase you have a copy of old birth cert)

CENOMAR – i requested them also in SM outlet same price.  you need to fill up your name, father’s name and maiden name. (this has an expiry of 6 months) so make sure to request this when you need it. 

Cedula – it is said that this may vary depends on your salary, but i was not asked how much my salary is. and paid less than one hundred. You will need to fill up name, birthday and address

  • seminar / counseling certificate

– 2×2 recent pic colored

For My Fiancé

as soon as  my husband to be arrived, the next day we went to US Embassy, Manila. to request for his Affidavit of Legal Capacity, make sure you bring all the necessary documents (PLEASE note, no chaperon are allowed inside ONLY the citizen may come inside, NO Gadgets, just the documents needed) come to  the embassy 30mins before the scheduled time just to be sure. 

as for the fiancée like me, we are not required to go, but FYI, just incase you insists, bring water, and umbrella it can be so INIT… and nakakainip.. there are chairs for rent for like 30 pesos ata. there are even people roam around to offer to keep your gadgets and chargers or powerbank for 100 pesos (as it is strictly prohibited inside)

  • Certificate of Legal Capacity – but then again he is American Citizen, US Embassy here in manila, gives ONLY Affidavit of Lieu of Legal Capacity, (when applying for it, make sure to visit their website)  
  • Photocopy of his passport first page where his details are, photocopy of his arrival date

after completing them, we went to Judge Villarin office to submit them and fill up forms, we just waited for the BIG DATE .. Sit Back and Relax.. 🙂 

after the wedding, we were told that we could get the certified true copy from the local registrar after 7 working days,


and after a month and a half naman daw we could get our NSO Marriage Certificate, True to her words we got them all exactly as we were told. 

Kudos to Judge and her Sec ate Nida Barela thank you for everything 🙂 

Should you have queries please call them at their numbers listed above.

Worry-Free and Stress-free 


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