Attending PDOS / CFO Seminar

As I am married to an american citizen, attending a CFO seminar is a must before renewing / acquiring new passport and of course before leaving the country. 

I had no idea then what CFO stands for. At first, when i read about it, my initial reaction was “oh crap, hassle” but then again, am thankful that i attended it. It was such a great help. 

I scheduled an appointment through their website


Make sure to bring them all. 

2 Valid IDs and photocopies – (1 original ID will be submitted to get a number) 

Marriage Contract and Photocopy; (other proofs that your relationship with the fiancé / spouse are definitely legit); 

Php 400


I chose 9am-12pm slot, and i was informed that i need to be there 2 hours before the schedule and the office opens around 7am. i made sure I come as early as i can. I was waiting outside the building around 6:30am, there were a lot already who’s in line. 

Luckily for my case, i was the first one. I submitted my Valid ID


When i entered the room i asked for the requirements and handed me a form to fill up. Basic informations like age, name, address, spouse’s name, and how long have you been together and all. After handing the duly signed form. Returned it and was asked when is my husband’s birthday. and was told that i will be taken a picture. Then she told me to wait downstairs and back quarter to nine and proceed to Room 4. There’s this food store beside the CFO building but read from other blogs that it cost much. Luckily, a crew of jollibee handed me flyer and said I may order and he will deliver the food. I ate my order basement of the building where the waiting area is.

When it’s about time of the seminar, went upstairs and proceeded to Room 4 for people bound to USA, we were 10 in the room, 2 males and 8 females.

the seminar  tackle about some stories of other spouses that weren’t happy / successful. it was discussed how cultures may be different, how some indifferences may be fixed and all. What numbers to call if something happen. 

After the seminar you will be called and  be interviewed one by one. I was not asked much, just asked if we already have a baby and what plans to I have when i get to USA. 

after that, he wrote OK and asked me to proceed to GF where the payment will be made. Your name will be called after payment, you’d wait approx. 5 minutes and you’ll have the certificate. But if you have your passport already they will print in one page. 



Here’s the address of CFO Manila branch. 

Citigold Center, 1345 Pres. Quirino Avenue corner Osmeña Highway (South Superhighway) Manila, Philippines 1007
Telephone: (+632) 552-4700, Email:


I rode LRT1 – Quirino and rode tricycle to get there.


Good Luck on those who will be getting or attending one. 

It was a very good seminar for me. I learned a lot. You may message or comment anytime should you have queries 🙂


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