Cataract Operation for Mom

2 years ago, Mom told me that she feel uncomfortable with her eyes. We scheduled a check up and was told to put eye drops.

In the past months, the eye condition has worsen.  and we’ve been looking for an eye doctor for Mom’s Cataract. 

I have looked and googled for more than 30 different blogs and excellent doctors. 

As i checked on those, i learned that One eye operation ranged to Php 35,000 to Php 75,000 (Philhealth deducted already). The cost varies because of some factors; *type of Intra Ocular lenses *professional fee *Operation Room / Hospital Cost *medicines

Prayed hard to God to help us choose the best doctor that could successfully operate her.

Have  talked to a friend, and she suggested a certain Dr.  Fernando. We scheduled a check up last month, August 19, 2016 to his clinic at Balagtas, Bulacan. I was really nervous at that time (to those who know me well, i really have a phobia to hospitals/clinic and blood). Luckily, when we arrived at the clinic around 11:30am, only 2 patients were there.

The secretary handed me a form to fill up, then the other assistant checked my mom’s eyes in the two different machine. When it’s mom’s time to enter Dr. Fernando’s room, my knees were shaking. He looked at mom’s files and checked mom again with another two different types of machines. He told us that we need to conduct the operation and let us choose which eye to do first. We chose the left eye as it is much worse than the right.

He said we need to coordinate with his secretary about the schedule, a week after we got a call from her secretary saying that Mom’s schedule would be on September 10. We were told to have her blood sugar checked. 

Fast forward to September 10, we were told to be there at 6am, as an early birds, we arrived at the New Era General Hospital around 5:30am. And we proceed at the 2F – Operating Room, we filled up forms. Mom was asked to enter the room, removed sandals/shoes and wore the operating room slippers, was told to remove dentures, jewelries/watch, and I was told to wait outside. Mom was helped to remove her clothes and replaced with Lab Gown. 

Doctor arrived at exactly 7am, we were told that the operation would take around 5-12mins, the patient were just inside to rest so maybe to regulate their blood pressures. Total of the Patient to operate eye cataract was only 5,

As we (relatives/family) were waiting, i was feeling nervous, especially every time i would hear the door opens. Been praying the whole time, and tried to make myself busy by playing (candy crush soda, saga, jelly, clash of clans, 4 pics 1 word) 

Quarter to 9, a nurse called us to come inside the operating room, my knees were trembling and i stuttered when i asked her “is it a successful?” she smiled and answer “yes” what a sigh of relief and i leap with joy. i hurriedly enter the operating room,


My mom was all smile, and said “hi by” we given instructions paper and was instructed one by one, we were also given 2 eye drops. 

The doctor talked to me and said, “You may schedule her other eye a week after, so recovery would be much faster, do come to my clinic on September 12 to see if everything’s fine”

Then we settled the payment.. just to give you guys an idea of how much we paid. (am not sure if i could post the amount though. 

We chose Foldable Multifocal Yellow .


Types of Lens

Non Foldable Rigid – Operation and this lens for free using Philhealth you just need to pay for the eyedrops (Php 400 for two eyedrops)

Foldable Monofocal Clear –  this lens  cost Php 7,000/eye  and Operation for free using Philhealth. eyedrops (Php 400 for two eyedrops) == Total Php 7,400/eye 

Foldable Monofocal Yellow-  this lens  cost Php 12,000/eye  and Operation for free using Philhealth. eyedrops (Php 400 for two eyedrops) == Total Php 12,400/eye 

Foldable Multifocal Yellow-  this lens  cost Php 16,000/eye  and Operation for free using Philhealth. eyedrops (Php 400 for two eyedrops) == Total Php 16,400/eye 

***Attached are the types of Lens and The fees that were waived using Philhealth (Doctor’s Fee and Hospital Fee)


i will forever be grateful to Dr.Fernando, as everyone of us felt his compassion to the patients and relatives, mom said he was so passionate to them and assures them that everything will be alright, he explained everything we need to know. he is so accommodating, he even gave us his personal mobile number and told us we may call him 24/7 should there be pain, redness or any discomfort with the eyes.

Kudos to all the staffs of the Hospital are equally warm and kind to all of us.

New Era General Hosp. 
Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City, 1128 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 932 7387


The night before the operation we stayed at a hotel, since, mom and I live really far from the hospital and I didn’t think we could be at the hospital at 6am. So, it would be best for us to do so. We stayed at Microtel Wyndham UP Technohub

***Please note that prices, may vary and it would be best to inquire and study the process. 

This blog is our personal experience. It may be different with others. I posted this to at least help others and have an idea. 



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