Medical Exam at St. Luke’s Medical Center – Extension Clinic

One of the most crucial requirement for the Immigrant Visa Interview is the approved Medical Exam from St. Lukes Medical Center which is more known of as SLEC.

And to be honest, i was so nervous doing it. It feels like, the result would be the answer if i’d be with my husband the soonest or not.

SLEC are first come, first served basis.

Here are the list of requirements for my case (CR-1) :

  • Php 16,042.50 – May 2, 2017 fee – it may vary depends on the dollar rate conversion; this will be paid at the cashier
  • Valid Passport and One (1) Photocopy on short bond paper – not reduced nor enlarged
  • 4 pcs. 2 x 2 Photos (all must be identical, write your name at the back) (no eyeglasses; with or without collar)
  • Interview Letter (2 printed copies) – mine was sent via email, until now i haven’t received any snail mail copy
  • Copy of Online Registration –                                *** (i strongly suggest you register online, as this could help you finish faster, numbers are given for 1. preggy/senior/with infant 2. registered online 3. not registered)

-if you are wearing contact lens – make sure to be on your eyeglasses on the first day as your eyes will be checked

-i suggest you bring jacket as some areas are cold, bring a black ballpoint pen with you, an envelope where you’d place your documents, so you won’t misplaced any of it.

***other requirements not listed or not applicable to me, please see this link


I live, quite far from SLEC so I decided to booked on a hotel near SLEC stayed at Paragon Hotel Tower, its a 3 minute walk from SLEC (Hotel Soriente is situated beside Paragon Hotel Tower)

So here’s what happened on the day of my medical.

3:00am Fall in line to get a number, yes 3:00am during that time i think if am not mistaken, am on 13th on the line already, asked the 1st person on the line, he said he went there at 1:00am; the guard in front will check the documents you have with you and stamp your right wrist.

they started giving numbers around 4:30am; Since, i was given a number 11, i hurriedly went back to hotel and eat my heavy breakfast, then went back around 5:30am, exactly 6:00am our color/numbers are being called categorized to 3 colors (but sorry forgot the colors) numbers are just given out for the  reception area, where they will interview each and everyone (they will call the numbers by the categories – first are the pregnant / Senior / with infants; second are those registered online; and third are those who didnt register online)

when it was my turn, was asked who petitioned me, my age, my name, my birthday, finger print scanning, was told to lean back to the chair and was taken a photo, then was told to proceed at the cashier 5th floor and i paid Php 16,042.50

and the cashier told me to proceed to X-Ray

X-Ray 3rd Floor- was told to undress my blouse and undergarment and put my things on the basket that they provide to us, was told to tie my hair (it is really necessary, so dont forget to bring pony tail) waited for like 10 mins for 4 senior citizen ahead of me, when my number was called,  the xray was pretty quick. (time duration including waiting in line approx 15mins)

Blood Test and Urine – 4th Floor – to those who knows me well, am afraid of needles and blood; so i was quite trembling when its my time for blood extract i didn’t looked at the needle, but it wasn’t ouchy.. yey.. then i proceeded to urine (blood extraction waiting time 10 mins) – Urine waiting Time (3 mins)

U.S.A Counter – 5th floor – vital sign, weight, height, eye test  (duration 15 mins including waiting) then comes the physical exam, was asked numerous questions, and was told to undress except undergarments; (duration 20 mins including waiting time)

Immunization Interview – the doctor will ask you about your previous vaccines, if you have had chicken pox and all, here comes the longest waiting period – perhaps because all have finished the other steps (total waiting time – 45mins – the interview was like for only 5 mins)

then was instructed to go back 2:00pm for the result and instructions for the Xray – here is where was so nervous, was worried if there’s some problem with my Xray. so went back to the hotel and took a nap, suddenly felt a terrible headache (maybe because wasn’t able to sleep because of the anticipation of the medical procedure) after taking a nap, had my lunch and went back to SLEC before 2pm. Luckily, haven’t seated for 5 minutes, then my name was called, and told to proceed to 2F for immunization.

Immunization – was given 3 vaccines ONLY, yehey!  Tdap, influenza, MMR, i heard from a co-applicant, hers were 6 vaccines 😀 because she didn’t have a chicken pox yet, and she wasn’t able to show the vaccine mark on her right arm. (waiting time was roughly 40 minutes)

Check-Out Counter / Releasing – Time Check 4:20pm; waited for an hour (but hey, i didn’t mind) because i will be going home with my results on hand on a FIRST DAY! it was all worth it!!

*kudos to blood extractor, and to the person who injected me with 3 vaccines as it wasn’t ouchy


The person in the check out counter, asked me for the suggestion/comment paper handed out to me! she read it in front of me. and she smiled as she read it 🙂




you will be walking to and fro so make sure to wear comfortable shoes / sandals.

Eat a heavy heart healthy breakfast

please note that you may choose whichever counter you should go, i suggest you go to counters that may need to check the results longer like bloodtest, urine and xray) and go lastly at physical exam, vital signs, height and weight.

Relax and be attentive, you might not hear they call your number.

always put a smile on your face.

take vitamin C daily, eat vegetables and fruits 🙂 drink milk in the morning and the evening (tips i heard and followed)




US Embassy Interview



***Disclaimer: it is my personal experience, may be use as a GUIDE only, but it is best to research other materials and browse on their website


Tel. Nos.:(+63 2) 521-0020 (+63 2) 521-8647 (+63 2) 523-8248

1177 J. Bocobo St. Ermita, Manila, Philippines


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