US Embassy Interview

I got my case completed March 30, learned that through phone call, i usually call NVC +1 603 334 07 00 EST 7:00am – 7:30am or EST 11:30pm – 11:45pm Monday to Friday (based on my personal experience my waiting time ranges 1min – 5 mins max) received the email April 6, 2017

i received the Emailed P4 last April 14, 2017, i was scheduled for an Interview on May 2017, 9:40am

my schedule is 9:40am but was at the vicinity an hour earlier

Upon reaching the line number 3, was asked for DS260 and passport, then was told to enter the door and have my things undergo the xray machine, then on the next door a guard checked my stuff, making sure there is no electronic devices etc.

then fell in line at window 41, the Filipino consul , who’s in the pre-screening,

Consul: you sent us complete documents
and you submitted all Original EXCEPT this scanned NBI
we require Original, (i was so worried and ask, but will i still be interviewed? and he said Yes just please send us the original via 2go)

He asked me questions like
– what’s your name? and birthday?
– how are you related to the petitioner?
– what is his name?
– how did the two of you meet?
– how many times did he got married?
– have you been married?
– do you have kids? how about him?
– have you been to US? how many times?
– when is his last visit?
– do you have pictures together?
– when did he went to US as an immigrant?
-when did he got his naturalization?
please proceed to Finger Screening Window 43

After Finger Screening with the American who told me to first put my Left Four Fingers, then Right Four Fingers then two thumbs
he joked and said could you repeat that all again?; i said “Sure” with a smile,he said just kidding you may proceed to interview

then went to an American Consul window number 61
i greeted him ” Good morning” and he smiled and greeted me ” Good morning, how are you today?”
then started the interview
– who is your petitioner?
– what’s his name?
– what do you do for a living?
– what is your husband’s work?
~then he jokes, ohhh so is he a bee? that’s a work of a bee isn’t it? (i just smiled and answered politely No sir)
-do you have pictures together? (showed / handed him a bindered documents and he flipped fastly the pages and said
“Oh he is really not a bee.. you guys look good together”

i said “Thank you”

then told me to register my address online on where they will send my visa and proceed to releasing

releasing area was asked for my number, name, address and told me to send my Original NBI. They emailed me an email regarding the 221-g on What should i bring to 2go, a courier slip (take note that it is free of charge)

After that rush going home to get my original NBI and sent it via 2go,  when i checked ceac, it says administrative processing .

When I reached home on Checked online again

Last Updated May 17, it was on Administrative Processing,

Last Updated May 18, (it is when the NBI was delivered to USEM)

As of May 20 (Saturday)  Last Updated May 19

May 22 – Last Updated May 22 Issued

May 25 – Visa On hand (chose to pick up the packet at 2go branch )





I got ideas from members are all polite and helpful

You may see / check these link for other infos

Medical Exam at St. Luke’s Medical Center – Extension Clinic

Attending PDOS / CFO Seminar

disclaimer: my personal experience, this is just to give you guys an idea, but please also make a research, i am not an expert or whatsoever, just wanted to share my experience.


U.S. Embassy in Manila
1201 Roxas Boulevard
Manila, Philippines 1000
Phone: (632) 301-2000
Fax: (632) 301-2017


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